Where to go on a Holiday in Turkey?

Turkey Halal Holidays

An amazing fusion of art and culture welcomes the adventure lovers and the history geeks to have a perfect holiday in Turkey. Since the beginning of the time, various civilizations have been influencing the Turkish civilization, forming a fascinating blend of East and West. For the Craving for Art, Culture and Tradition: Turkish people still adhere to the cultural values and rich traditional codes. In Central Anatolia, Cappadocia offers startling indulgences for culture lovers. The volcanic landscape, Armenian churches, Stone Age temples and underground cities never fail to catch the eye of the tourists.


Istanbul, the most pulsating cities of Turkey, serves as a prefect add-on to the cultural tour of the country. A surprising convolution of Ottoman and Byzantine relics and museums, the capital is an impeccable stopover for modern art-lovers.To make the most out of cultural tourism, plan your trip during the mild wintry months of March and November.  Other than that, April and May are two pleasant months that are a priority for most visitors.


The charming city of Istanbul is at the core of Turkey’s cruising scene. The lavishness of palaces and beautiful mosques connected with the approach towards the Black Sea makes it the most enthusing ports on the European itinerary.To the South of Istanbul towards the Mediterranean or into the Black Sea to the South, the journeys conclude in Athens or keep going to Venice. The ships combine their journey through the ports of Bodrum, Kusadasi or Izmir.


More detail-oriented routes that lay emphasis on history take course through the expanses of Lycian rock tombs and continue to the battlefields of World War I.To retreat in peace with laid back activities, the cruises would take you to the trendy resorts like Fethiye or Gocek. Indulge in the tranquility of sandy beaches, explore the occasional market or enjoy long yet fresh seafood lunches at the restaurants waterside.


Every season in Turkey comes up with an altogether new smack for the tourists. Anatolia gets covered in snow during the winter months and there comes the entertaining sports of skiing and snowboarding. Rent the equipment and explore the slopes in Sarikamis, Uludağ, Kartepe, Palandöken and Erciyes.


There is so much more to do in Turkey in addition to this summarized intro. From delectable cuisines to the golden beaches, mysticism to the fashion fiestas, the Asian senses to the European imitations, Turkey escalates itself to enthrall holidays of all hues.