What is Halal tourism

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Halal Tourism is being facilitated to Muslim families to make a trip following the Islamic Sharia laws. The theme is to provide you with halal travel. Hotels and resorts in such trip do not serve pork, alcohol and have separate spa facilities and swimming pools for men and women. In a lot of Islamic countries, mostly in Turkey and Malaysia this concept is flourishing.

Apart from hotels and resort settings according to Sharia rules, halal travel includes flights where alcohol and pork are not served, Islamic religious atmosphere has been kept, facilitation for prayer is being provided and the entertainment has been provided according to Islamic rules.


There is a lot of potential in the Middle East for the halal tourism. There are increased discussions in the Islamic countries worldwide to develop halal startup airline. In this airline, halal food will be provided; prayer timings will be announced; it will comprise of separate seating plans for male and female passengers.

In halal holidays, tourists are especially entertained with special offers to spend their entire trips according to Sharia rules. In this trip, the traveling is being managed according to Islamic principles and people are being provided boarding and lodging facilities in accordance with religious affairs.

These programs are being initiated by Islamic countries as most airlines throughout the world could not provide an Islamic atmosphere and do not abide by the Islamic rules during travelling. Before the existence of Halal tourism concept, people were facing with great difficulty in travelling across the world. Especially the people travelling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah found great difficulty during these sacred trips. They cannot afford to have an irreligious atmosphere as to when they are travelling to fulfil religious obligations. This concept has been flourished a lot in Islamic countries.

The Islamic tourism concept was initiated from Malaysia and later on; it got flourished in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Middle East. To develop halal tourism people are also provided halal slaughtered meat. A lot of the international hotels have hired Muslim employees to get engaged in the process of providing an atmosphere according to the teachings of Islam. While Muslim visitors are entertained, the Muslim employees do take part in the process of serving them and making an appropriate atmosphere for their stay and accommodation.

The concept is flourishing within the Islamic world and outside Islamic world too. Subsequently, Many travel agencies within United Kingdom are now offering Halal Tourism services.