Turkey launches first-ever halal Cruise

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Turkish company introduces a cruise experience meeting Islamic guidelines

Turkey, one of the go-to Muslim countries as a tourist destination, has launched the world’s first-ever halal cruise, catering to the rapidly growing market of halal tourism. With the Muslim community getting larger every day, it was only a matter of time before halal versions of different services had to be introduced to meet their demands.

An Antalya-based tourism company saw this gap in the market and decided to launch the first-ever halal cruise, catering to the Muslim community who would like to experience a cruise trip while also remaining within the limits of their religion.

The cruise is alcohol-free, pork-free, and has separate prayer rooms for both males and females. The cruise also features separate sports centers and a spa area for female travelers. Aside from these religious restrictions, the cruise is overall just a historical experience for anyone who wants to learn more about the traditional Turkish culture while also making new friends.

The cruise is themed “On the track of the Ottomans” and inspired by the international catholic cruises to be a cruise catering to the Islamic beliefs of the people. You don’t have to be a Muslim to be able to go on the cruise.  It is open to people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs as a way to promote tourism in Turkey and to let foreigners experience the traditional Turkish culture while also learning about its history.

The cruise is set to leave the port of Izmir in Turkey, carrying its passengers to the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Crete as well as the Port of Piraeus. This route has been a popular destination for international travelers and is therefore the first route the cruise is set to embark on with its Muslim passengers.

Gökmen Aydınalp, project manager of this Antalya-based company has said in a statement, “We don’t even have a painting on a wall of the ship which is against Islamic values”. This further signifies the importance they have placed on preserving true Islamic values in this cruise. They have made sure to cover every aspect of the cruise to make sure it meets the required guidelines.

He further adds, “Although the tour has been just announced, interest is quite high right now because there is a huge demand for this concept”. They are taking full advantage of the ever-growing demands of Muslim tourists. Turkey is the leading tourist destination for Muslims around the world and so it only made sense to further expand the horizons in this market and introduce a halal cruise to further motivate people to visit Turkey. Hamit Kutuk, a 46-year-old who will be a passenger said, “I believe it will be an atmosphere where I and my family will feel comfortable. To be able to eat halal foods, being together with people who share the same Islamic sensibilities with you and being away from alcohol on this kind of cruise are important for us”. Serap Akali, a 28-year-old, who will also be a passenger said, “There has been a big need for this kind of cruise in Turkey for many years”.