With the sole purpose of spreading Islam and to fight against the non-believers and hypocrites, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) came to Constantinople (Istanbul) along with the Muslim troops. Many sources mention this to have happened at the time of the great siege and this is the very land where they got martyred. Their gravestones reveal briefly the stories of their glorious lives.

The graves of the Sahaba can be found all across Istanbul and most of them are located nearby the area of Ayub Sultan and Avansarayi. According to the findings of the Research Centre for Islamic History, Culture and Art in Istanbul, the Sahaba who had arrived for jihad were greater in number compared to the present number of graves. However, the graves of the ones existing there have conventionally been tracked from generation to generation; all honored with reverence from one generation to the next. The diverse periods of rule over Istanbul did not let any of the graves to be demolished or desecrated.

It is believed that the Ottoman Sultans used to visit the graves regularly and respected them devotedly. An effort to revamp some of these graves saw a failure during their time. No matter in which part of the world, the graves of the Sahaba remain in tranquility and simplicity as is true about the ones in Istanbul.

We have facilitated a tour for you to visit the graves of the Companions of the Prophet (SAWW) and to throw light on Istanbul’s significance for its history and tradition.

Tour Program

You will get picked up from the hotel at 9 AM in the morning and start visiting the graves of the sahaba. After staying at the few locations you will have a cable car ride to Lotti Hill and then you will continue visiting the tombs till lunchtime. You will also get to visit the magnificent Blue Mosque. Prayer time will be given for all the prayers that come during the tour. After lunch there will be a stopover at the remaining tombs mentioned in the list and then you will be transferred back to the hotel at 5 PM.

This tour package will let you visit the tombs of the following Sahaba in Istanbul:

  • Hazrat Ayub El Ensari Hazrat Abu Derda
  • Hazrat Ka’ab
  • Hazrat Abu Şeybeti Hudri
  • Hazrat Ahmed al Ansari
  • Hazrat Muhammed al Ansari
  • Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah al Ansari
  • Hazrat Abu Zer Ghaffari
  • Hazrat Hafir
  • Hazrat S’ube
  • Hazrat Abu Said el Hudri
  • Hazrat Cafer bin Abdullah el Ensari
  • Hazrat Hasan Hussain Kardesler
  • Hazrat Abdullah Ansari
  • Hazrat Amr bin Aas
  • Hazrat Sufyan bin Uyeyne
  • Hazrat Abdurrahman es Sami
  • Hazrat Abdullah el Ensari

Note: Most of the tombs stay close on Monday.

This package includes…

  • Transportation
  • Lunch
  • Tour Guide
  • Cable Car Ride

This package does not include…

  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch with drinks

Available departures

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Including Europe on one end and Asia on the other, Istanbul not only treasures in it the valuables that date back to the historic times but also abode the wonders that are a reflection of modern-day creativity and luxurious affluence.

During the voyage of exploration, one may encounter historic testaments and relics having an account that traces back to thousands of years. Whether you roam around to discover every nook of Istanbul or traverse through the neighboring districts, you will grasp hold of an array of natural and ancient spectacles spread throughout.

This impeccable city, connecting two continents, where one could come upon people from diverse cultures integrating in a harmonic tone, will stimulate utterly surprising feelings in you.

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