Relish a getaway scheduled with “Halal Holidays”. Let us help you discover the fascinating beauty that Jordan is. In this tour you will visit a range of wisely chosen attractions of the Holy Land. From its vast Natural Reserves and Beauty to its extraordinary archeological sites, representing some of the most striking architecture the world has ever seen, we will show you the most glorious sites in human history.

You will get to experience a whole lot of exceptional beauty, ancient monuments, fine resorts and mélange of culture. Get in the purview where Islamic configurations feature on prevailing architecture. Commence this religious and traditional encounter by signing up for an extraordinary pause that is far away from the routine chores.

Tour Duration

6 nights / 7 days

Tour Highlights

  • Amman Sightseeing Tour
  • The Amman Citadel
  • Roman Amphitheatre
  • Drive to Jerash
  • Madaba Mosaic Works
  • Sight Seeing at Mount Nebo
  • Tour to Kerak
  • Rock-Cut Architecture of Petra
  • Sight Seeing at Wadi Rum
  • Overnight at Rose Sand Camps
  • Stay at Aqaba
  • Tour to Baptism Site
  • The Dead Sea


Day-by-Day Schedule

Day 1: Arriving Jordan

Have a nice comfortable flight to Jordan. Upon safe and secure group arrival at the Queen Alia International Airport, Jordan, meet and assist with your tour representatives who will assist you in finalizing the immigration formalities. After completing your immigration formalities, you will be transported to Amman, the Capital of Jordan. Upon reaching Amman, you will be checked-in at a Halal Friendly Hotel, which will be pre-booked regarding your choice and taste for facilitating you with the best levels of luxury possible. After getting fresh, you will have a delightful dinner at the hotel and an overnight stay afterwards.

Day 2: Amman Sight Seeing Tour, Citadel and Roman Amphitheatre

Welcome a new day, a new morning, with a delicious and filling breakfast. After having your breakfast and fueling up for the day, you will be transported to see the Capital’s beauty and its historic sites.

First you will be steered to see the Amman Citadel. The Citadel sits on the highest hill of Amman, known as Jebel-al-Qala’a, occupied since the Bronze Age. The most striking sites at the Citadel are the Temple of Hercules and Umayyad Palace. Artifacts show that the hill was a fortress in the ancient era. It has the most impressive series of historic buildings. The Citadel is mainly considered of great importance because it has been conquered by many great civilizations.

After learning about the Citadel and the history it incorporates, you will then move forward to see the great Roman Amphitheaters. Roman Amphitheaters built by the ancient Romans are usually very large, oval or circular in shape, open air settings with raising seating style, used for important events like combats, venations and executions.

After seeing the massive Roman Amphitheaters, you will then advance your day with a drive to Jerash, for a visit, sight-seeing and many other adventures, to continue your expedition. Later on you will be transported back to your hotel for a delicious dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 3: Sight Seeing at Madaba, Mount Nebo, Kerak and Petra

Welcome a new day with a nice warm breakfast at the hotel. After revitalizing yourself with an exquisite breakfast, you will checkout from the hotel to further your tour. You will be transported to Madaba for a tour of the historical and archeological wonders the city is renowned for. You will visit the great mosaic works of the Byzantine and Umayyad eras. You will in particular see the spectacular mosaic map of the Holy Land prepared in the Byzantine era.

After siting the spectacular views of Madaba, you will then advance your expedition towards Mount Nebo for exploration. Mount Nebo was shown in the Bible as the place thought of where Moses (Hazrat Musa A.S.) was allowed a view of the Promised Land.

After taking on the holy spirit of Mount Nebo, you will continue your tour towards Petra for a visit. Petra – a city renowned for the prodigious ancient history and remarkable archeological wonders it holds. It is eminent for its extraordinary rock-cut architecture and its efficient water conduit system.

After Petra tour, you will then carry on to Kerak. Kerak, also known as Al-Karak, is a city eminent for its Crusader Castle (The Kerak Castle). The castle holds a position among one of the largest three castles in the region.

After a tour of Kerak, you will then follow your way back to Petra. Upon arrival, you will be checked-in at a halal friendly hotel as per your style and taste. Here you will conclude your day with an extravagant dinner and an overnight stay later on.

Day 4: Wadi Rum and Rose Sand Camp

The fourth day of your tour will begin with a nice breakfast at your hotel in Petra after which you will perform the checkout formalities and then leave for sightseeing at Petra.

After Petra excursion, you will then be transported for a tour of Wadi Rum. You will enjoy a 2 hour drive in a 4×4 wheel drive. Wadi Rum is the largest wadi in whole Jordan, located at the east of Aqaba. It is also renowned as “The Valley of the Moon”. The valley is cut into sandstone and granite rock and is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the region.

After a joyful excursion of the valley, you will then be steered towards the Rose Sand Camp. The Rose Sand Camps are in the protected area of Wadi Rum, featuring large Bedouin tents decorated tastefully in the traditional Bedouin style. Here you will check-in for a night stay. You will have dinner in the traditional camp style and then you will be moved to your tents for accommodation with bedding and sanitation facilities provided. Here you will enjoy a night under the stars in traditional Arabian style which will be a joyful experience for you and your company.

Day 5: Aqaba

After starting your day with the traditional style breakfast at the camps, you will then checkout and move for your journey towards Aqaba. After reaching Aqaba you will again be checked-in to a halal friendly hotel and here you will stay for two days, enjoy the time and relax. You will have your dinner and later on and an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 6: A Day for You

This day will be entirely specified for your relaxation and composure. You will enjoy your day by welcoming the new sun with a lavish breakfast; spending time comforting yourself at the hotel and availing the facilities it provides. Conclude your day with an exquisite dinner followed by a sound nightlong sleep.

Day 7: Return

The last day of your trip will begin with a nice breakfast and then you will execute the usual checkout formalities. After your checkout, you will be transported to the experience the Dead Sea and the Baptism Site (Yardenit) to enjoy your free time. As per Christian convention, the baptism of Jesus essentially took place in Qasr-el-Yahud (the river in Galilee), which was then turned into a monument by the government for people to visit and see. After an amusing day out at the Dead Sea, you will be driven to the Queen Alia International Airport for your group flight departure.

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