Historic and Islamic Iran tour integrates several of the eminent monuments of central Iran. From the antique remnants of Persepolis, the mystical and ceremonial capital of the immense Persian Empire, to the most renowned ruins of Shiraz from 18th and 19th century; from the town’s famous gardens to the reminiscent tombs of the topmost figures in traditional Persian literature.

This cultural tour will let you traverse the ancient city of Yazd – a city that holds in it the magnificence of a mosque from 14th century. Roam around the wonderful desert architecture of Zoroastrian Towers of Silence that stands tall on its impressive structure. Climax your tour by witnessing the enchantment of Isfahan – the grand capital of 17th century Safavid Iran and home to Iran’s supreme creations of Islamic art and architecture.

Let us go through the itinerary to have an insight of what this tour overlays for the admirers!

Tour Duration

10 days

Tour Highlights

  • Golestan Palace
  • National Museum
  • Tehran City Tour
  • Flight to Sheraz
  • Shiraz City Tour
  • Visiting Tombs and Monuments in Shiraz
  • Road Trip from Shiraz to Yazd
  • Exploring Yazd City
  • Road Trip from Yazd to Isfahan
  • Isfahan City Tour
  • Shopping in Isfahan Armenian Quarter
  • Drive from Isfahan to Tehran with stopovers


Day-by-Day Schedule

Day 1: Arriving Tehran

Have a safe flight to Tehran and relax in your hotel in the morning. In the afternoon you will visit the Golestan Palace and Archaeological Section of the National Museum. This day full of discovery will conclude with an overnight stay at your hotel in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran City Tour and Flight to Shiraz

You will spend an entire day touring and exploring Tehran. This would include the visits to the Sa’dabad Palace and Carpet Museum. In the evening you will have a flight to Shiraz where you will have an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3: Shiraz City Tour

Have a whole day to explore the city of Sheraz and visit the well-known places like Arg-e Karim Khan Zand – a citadel; Vakil Mosque; mausoleum of Ali-Ebin Hamze; Eram Garden that is a World Heritage Site; Nasi al-Mulk Mosque; Vakil Bazaar; Naranjestan Museum; tombs of Sa’di and Hafez and Pars Museum.

You’ll end your day in Shiraz at your hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 4: Shiraz Tour

You will have another day dedicated to the excursion of Shiraz. You will visit Naqsh-e-Rostam (Necropolis), Persepolis (World Heritage Site) and Naqsh-e-Rajab.

Overnight stay will be in Shiraz at your hotel.

Day 5: Drive from Shiraz to Yazd

This day you will be driven to Yazd while discovering the World Heritage Site of Pasargadae. In the afternoon you’ll get to enjoy the picnic lunch with your family and friends and continue your trip to Yazd with one last stop at Abarkouh to see the Jame Mosque from 14th century.

Overnight stay will be in Yazd.

Day 6: Yazd City Tour

Touring Yazd will turn out to be really exciting for you. The stretch of the day will let you explore shrines of Seyyed Rokneddin and Davazdah Imam; Amir Chaqmaq Complex; Towers of Silence; Prison of Alexander; 14th-century Jame Mosque; modern Zoroastrian fire temple and Dawlatabad Garden.

You will have an overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 7: Drive from Yazd to Isfahan

You will appreciate a drive from Yazd to Isfahan and on the way you will have a brief stopover to explore urban caravansary, pigeon tower, mud-brick citadel and Ice House. See the conventional wool weaving at Mohammadiye in Nain; visit the Jame Mosque of Nain from 10th century and the Ethnological Museum, before furthering to Isfahan.

Overnight stay will be in Isfahan.

Day 8: Explore Isfahan

You will spend an entire day to roam around and explore the historic capital of Safavid Persia and relish a chance to visit an array of attractions of Isfahan that include Shahrestan Bridge; Si-o Se Pol; Chehel Sotoun Palace and Khaju Bridge. Further you will delve into the journey of monuments that surround the endless Naqsh-e-Jahan Square, which is a World Heritage Site too and includes Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque; monumental entrance to Qeyssarieh Bazaar; Ali Qapu Pavilion and Abbasi (Imam) Mosque.

Overnight will be in Isfahan.

Day 9: Isfahan City Tour and Shopping in the evening

The first half of the day will be dedicated to the visiting the remarkable Jame Mosque of Isfahan from 12th century and then you will proceed to the Armenian Quarter to see the Vank Cathedral.

You will have an overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 10: Drive from Isfahan to Tehran and Departure Flight

You will drive back to Tehran through Abyaneh and Kashan. In Kashan you will have a stopover to visit Sialk Tepe and Fin Garden, Tabatabai and Borujerdi. You will then continue your trip to Isfahan and pause on the way to have tea and capture images at the Imam Khomeini Mausoleum.

Upon reaching Tehran you will take a flight to return back home, closing the Ancient and Islamic Persian vacation.

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