Sleeping Pods at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport


After the recent introduction of a private resting place for its passengers by the Istanbul airport, now Sabiha Gökçen, Istanbul’s second-largest airport is offering sleeping pods (also called nap pods) for its travellers.

While giving an interview to the Anadolu Agency, Yucel Ecer – the airport’s commercial director, explained that they are happy to introduce this service in Turkey. He further explained that there will be 10 pods for ladies, 18 for gents and one for families. The pods are facilitated with TV, WIFI and free drinks. These pods are being rented at €7 (45.7 Turkish Lira) per hour.

Yucel Ecer elaborated the procedure as; the passengers arriving, after doing check-in procedures on devices specially produced for them, will be able to enter the lounge area by using QR codes and then enter sleeping pods by putting their belongings in encrypted storage cabinets which are reserved for them. The service is said to be located at the calmest spot of the airport.

On the other hand, the nap pods at Istanbul airport are being offered at a €9 per hour with a single blanket covered in the cost. Additional pillows and blankets are at a €2 cost. The mini cabins and their interiors are designed to meet the needs of the customers. Equipped with a USB port and a power outlet, the passengers are allowed to charge and operate their mobile phones and other electronic devices.

In comparison to the hotels near Sabiha Gökçen airport, these nap pods are highly cost-effective. While the hotels cost at an average of €65 per night, a nap pod only costs €56 for an 8 hours sleep. Another huge benefit of these nap pods is for those travellers with certain nationalities that might need a visa to leave the airport and get into the city. Thus, these travellers can stay within the vicinity of the airport and have a peaceful sleep during the stopovers between flights.

In today’s world; where life is getting busier by the day, nap pods or sleeping pods which are a relatively new technology, is becoming more and more common due to their convenience and low cost. After universities and offices, sleeping pods at airports are also becoming very familiar.

Metronaps, the company that designed the Energy pods, have designed these pods to give its customers a unique sleeping experience. It is designed in a way that elevates your legs and relaxes your lower back with a top that tends to block out outside light and other distractions. These pods ensure a good peaceful nap and employees have been more productive and cheerful than before. Hence, this is good news for the travellers, especially those travelling in connecting flights as can get some shut-eye.