Sleeping Pods at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport


After the recent introduction of a private resting place for its passengers by the Istanbul airport, now Sabiha Gökçen, Istanbul’s second-largest airport is offering sleeping pods (also called nap pods) for its travellers. While giving an interview to the Anadolu Agency, Yucel Ecer – the airport’s commercial director, explained that they are happy to introduce […]


Touring Bosnia, The Halal Way

Halal Holidays Bosnia

The injuries of the Bosnian war are healing, but scars still remain. The Balkans is a peninsula that has the black sea to its East, the Mediterranean to its south and the Adriatic Sea in the West of the peninsula. It was once one country -Yugoslavia, but sectarian violence, foreign intervention and ethnic cleansing became […]


Russia and the Halal Holiday experience

Halal Tourism Russia

With the strength of Russia increasing, its multi ethnic and multicultural heritage is also getting the highlight it has long deserved. The mainstream media white washes the Russian identity and the first images that appear in our minds are of stiff angry men holding vodka bottles, enshrouded in ugly brown mink coats standing in the […]


The Surging tide of the Halal Holidays

Halal Travel Trend on the rise

As this new demand increases in momentum, ‘Halal Tourism’ allows Muslim travel enthusiasts to enjoy the riches and pleasures the world has to offers while remaining in the Islamic codes and conducts. An ample variety of food and traditional local cuisines of the regions of the world are now open to the Muslim tourists because […]


Turkish Etiquette for the Muslim traveller

Turkish Etiquette for Muslims

When going to turkey, many Muslims know how to respond to the Turkish norms as the Turkish people share our Islamic bonds and our lifestyles, but upon those religious norms are cultural etiquette and mannerisms.  While most Muslims visiting Turkey rely on the knowledge they already know, through Islam on how to interact with an […]


Moroccan cuisine, lifestyle and architecture

Morocco Culture and Cuisine

Moroccan architecture is unique in its own way. It has evolved over time by the continued exposure of invaders, settlers and inspirers who had come to Morocco and to the rest of the Maghrib and had left their mark. The ancient Moroccan Berber tribes constructed their homes, ports, forts and trading posts with mud brick. […]


An insight into Halal Tourism Market

Halal market

On the 22nd and 23rd September, world’s first ever conference on Halal Tourism took place in Spain that welcomed 300 delegates from all over the world. The market experts, hoteliers and tour operators gathered to get an insight into halal tourism and its potential in travel business. For those who are still unfamiliar with the […]


Halal Tourism on the rise in Abu Dhabi

UAE Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism is a new extension to the tourism industry where the Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries have been inclining towards hospitality to specifically cater to the Muslim population of the world. Abu Dhabi, being the leading destination for tourists is drawing up to be the most desired city for halal tourism. This cosmopolitan […]