Latest Requirements to Travel to Turkey from UK

Latest rules to visit Turkey

Prime Minister has announced that there would be no further Covid restrictions for traveling from the UK and that the UK would continue to follow plan B. That means, Brits are free to holiday to any destination that allows them in. Different governments have various regulations regarding the Omicron epidemic’s control, ranging from seasonality to […]


Halal Holiday options in Morocco

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You have certain expectations when you travel as a Muslim tourist. You wish to have a halal vacation, including the need to stay in certain accommodations and eat halal food. You even want to travel and have fun without compromising your religious beliefs.  If so, then Morocco is your dream destination. Morocco is a North […]


Countries that are Open to British Travelers (COVID-19 Vaccinated)

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After receiving the COVID vaccine, many British people are eager to plan their next vacation.  To make things even better, lots of countries have relaxed their entry requirements for completely vaccinated people. Many countries are once again welcoming international visitors. Some destinations have been welcoming vaccinated travelers since the spring of this year, while others […]


What do Thermal Resorts have to offer for your winter break

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Because winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere, vacations that were previously spent in the sun and sand have been replaced by winter vacation destinations that include everything from kayaking to thermal springs. Thanks to its healing thermal springs and five-star heated hotels, Turkey is the ideal destination for those looking to unwind. Trying to […]


Halal Holiday options in Greece


To travel to Greece is to experience a land rich in culture and beautiful landscapes. As you can imagine, there are many great things to do and see in this beautiful country. What to say about Greece, if not that it is home to many archaeological treasures and natural wonders? The experience of traveling to […]


Turkey launches first-ever halal Cruise

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Turkish company introduces a cruise experience meeting Islamic guidelines Turkey, one of the go-to Muslim countries as a tourist destination, has launched the world’s first-ever halal cruise, catering to the rapidly growing market of halal tourism. With the Muslim community getting larger every day, it was only a matter of time before halal versions of […]


UK red list cut boosts Turkey sales

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Policy changes from 11th October removes the mandatory quarantine period for 47 countries including Turkey. Background The British government announced some major changes to the previously complex Red List. These changes are meant to boost tourism in the UK once again after a long year spent in lock-down. Under these new policies and regulations, the […]