Muslim Holiday Destinations


For the past few years, the notion of Halal Tourism is on the rise with many companies providing dedicated packages for Muslim families as well as solo explorers. It involves the Muslim-friendly bundles of halal food, segregated pools, non-alcoholic drinks, prayer facilities and private beaches exclusively for Muslim families and women. We have spotted some destinations that have gained their popularity among the Muslims for halal tourism.


Malaysia welcomes the Muslims with its true Asian spirit that is vibrant in cultural diversity and bustling life. The plush landscapes and spectacular resorts have made this country superlatively popular among the tourists. Whether you are in a shopping mall or at the restaurant, you would have easy access to the prayer facility and halal food. The Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) rated it as number 1 destination for Muslim tourism in 2013.


A rich blend of East and West, Turkey is a country that geographically lies between Asia and Europe. Turkey holds in it hundreds of years of history that is reflected through its buildings and archaeological sites. It is the destination for true art-lovers and the curious minds that are in search of clues from history.  The historical edge and cultural fusion and the exciting adventurous ventures it offers for every mood and every season, Turkey has become one of the topMuslim holiday haven.


Singapore is another incredible destination to be appreciated with family and friends. Even though it’s not an Islamic country but being the neighbor of Malaysia, the country has been influenced to approvingly cater to Muslim tourists. Singapore features topnotch museums,exciting shopping places botanical gardens, rainforests and outstanding places of worship of historical import.


Even though it is not a Muslim country but its capital Munich got ranked as the most livable city in 2010. More than 4 million Muslims reside in Munich and the Muslims who come here could never face the inconvenience of spotting halal food or a mosque. The city exhibits a treasure of museums and art galleries.


Indonesia’s cluster of tropical islands, snow-capped mountaintops, stunning landscapes andwhite sandy beaches with water clearer than crystal, make it a geographical masterwork of nature.  Indonesia is an Islamic country and therefore the availability of food and activities for halal-conscious Muslims is not at all a concern. Bali, Jakarta, Java and Sumatra are truly a pleasure for any nature lover.

United Arab Emirates

UAE has the leading hospitality industry and the upcoming projects plan to focus more on complying with the Muslim law. The fine beaches, most modern skyscrapers and shopping malls hosting annual shopping festivals in Dubai has made this city the hub for expats and seasonal tourists from all over the world. The excitement of Abu Dhabi for the travelers unfurls in the old souks, heritage villages, biggest malls and the Ara