Halal Tourism on the rise in Abu Dhabi

UAE Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism is a new extension to the tourism industry where the Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries have been inclining towards hospitality to specifically cater to the Muslim population of the world. Abu Dhabi, being the leading destination for tourists is drawing up to be the most desired city for halal tourism. This cosmopolitan city of UAE is eager to comply with the Islamic values and practices to crop up on the grid of travel and tourism.

The Tourism and Cultural Authority of the city has been coordinating with the tour operators and framing policies and travel packages that do not let Muslims to compromise on the religious values.The specific demands of halal tourism comprises of packages to include halal food, alcohol-free drinks, segregated leisure activities for men and women, recreational spots for families, dedicated cruises for ladies, easy access to mosques and visits to the places of religious significance.

The travel agencies, after studying the market, have realized the potential of halal tourism and more and more tour operators are taking surveys to be a part of this up and coming industry.The websites that focus on halal bookings have been receiving great response from the Muslims and are being the source of motivation for Abu Dhabi.

The CEO of Jannah Hotels and Resorts, NehmeImad Darwiche, who is a proud owner of 5 non-alcoholic chains of hotels in the UAE, is looking forward to build another resort dedicated to Muslims and halal tourism. His company is focusing on creating products and amenities that would add value and attraction for Muslim travellers. The.The stakeholders are designing packages for the Muslims who stopover in Abu Dhabi on their way back from Hajj and Umrah. According to Al Nuaimi “We can link Muslim countries from the East to the West and those in the opposite direction via Abu Dhabi International Airport, and we hope that many will choose to break their journey in the emirate and eventually become convinced to stay longer”.

Mubarak Al Nuaimi, also said that they are targeting to host 3.1 million hotel guests by end fo 2014.