Countries that are Open to British Travelers (COVID-19 Vaccinated)

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After receiving the COVID vaccine, many British people are eager to plan their next vacation.  To make things even better, lots of countries have relaxed their entry requirements for completely vaccinated people. Many countries are once again welcoming international visitors.

Some destinations have been welcoming vaccinated travelers since the spring of this year, while others are only beginning to reopen their doors. If you decide to travel to another country, there are still many things to consider, especially as the Delta variant spreads across the globe.  But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of destinations that are currently open to British travelers who have been vaccinated and do not need to be quarantined.

North American countries

As long as a British traveler is vaccinated and has proof of an antiviral test that is no more than 87 hours old, they can enter the United States without restriction. Here is a list of North American countries where British people can enter.


Vaccinated travelers from the United Kingdom are now open to visit this country without additional documentation of vaccination. Within the next 72 hours, a negative Covid test result is required.


You can enter Mexico as a fully vaccinated traveler.

Panama: (do not travel)

You must fill out a form to enter Panama from the United Kingdom. To avoid quarantine at the airport, proof of vaccination is required. Unvaccinated travelers from the UK can not enter this country.

South American Countries


Before boarding a plane, passengers from the United Kingdom will need to present a Covid test with negative results. Bolivia requires ten days of isolation and a seven-day test. Additionally, proof of medical insurance is required.


UK-Brazil flights are now operational. You must present a negative PCR or antigen test for entry into Brazil within three days. You will need to fill out a Health Declaration form 72 hours before your flight.


At least 24 hours before arriving in Colombia, you must fill out a form.Covid-19 symptoms or close contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days will bar a person from entering Colombia, according to the government.


No quarantine is required for UK visitors who are completely vaccinated. A Proof of  negative Covid  test must be provided within the last 72 hours for those who have not been fully immunized.

Other Countries:

UK travelers can now visit El Salvador, Guyana, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Travelers who have been fully vaccinated will be able to enter these countries.

China: (do not travel)

Flights between the United Kingdom and China have been canceled. You can not travel from Uk to China.

India: (do not travel)

All scheduled flights between India and the UK have been canceled. Only a limited number of flights are operating. You must submit a form with negative test results within three days of travel. Upon arrival, you will be thermally screened and isolated if you have a fever. Vaccinated travelers must self-monitor for 14 days, while unvaccinated travelers must undergo a test. They will be quarantined for seven days.

Indonesia: (do not travel)

A letter stating that you will pay for your treatment in the event of illness, an Indonesian visa, travel insurance, and proof of vaccination are all required to enter Indonesia from the UK.

Israel: (do not travel)

To enter Israel from the United Kingdom, you must have a recent PCR test. Even vaccinated travelers must be isolated for 14 days.

Malaysia: (do not travel)

Malaysia does not allow British citizens to enter the country unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Saudi Arabia:

To enter Saudi Arabia, you must have a valid health insurance policy and proof of a recent negative test. Those not vaccinated must quarantine for five days.

South Korea:

Visitors from the United Kingdom are permitted to enter South Korea. You will need to present proof of the Covid test with negative results. Additionally, upon arrival, you will be again tested and held at a testing facility until the Covid test results are negative. Quarantine waivers are available to anyone who is fully vaccinated and traveling for humanitarian reasons. Fourteen days of quarantine is compulsory for foreign visitors.


Visitors from the United Kingdom can now enter Bahrain. When you arrive, you must present evidence of a Covid test with negative results that is no more than three days old, and you’ll be quarantined for ten days while in the country. You’ll be required to take additional tests on days 5 and 10 of your stay during that time.

Sri Lanka: (do not travel)

If you want to travel to Sri Lanka, you must first obtain permission from the government and then apply for an Electronic Travel authorization. You will be required to present a PCR test with negative results within 72 hours of arrival. After that, you will be subjected to quarantine measures.


Before traveling to Thailand, you must first apply for permission through the Royal Thai Government’s website. Visitors from the United Kingdom who have received all required vaccinations will be permitted to enter Thailand without being quarantined.


The following documents are required for entry into Bangladesh from the United Kingdom: proof of vaccination, proof of a negative PCR test, and a completed health declaration form. Quarantine at a government hotel is optional for those who have proof of vaccination against Covid-19, but you must still isolate yourself at home during the 14-day period.


You must be fully vaccinated before entering Pakistan from the UK. To enter Pakistan, you must present the Covid test with negative results.


To visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you will be required to present proof of the Covid test with a negative result no older than three days. Visitors to Abu Dhabi who are fully vaccinated can visit the United Arab Emirates without quarantine.

African countries

Cape Verde:

To enter Cape Verde from the UK, you must have proof of immunization or a Covid test with a negative result that is no more than three days old.

South Africa:

You can travel to South Africa from the united kingdom, but You must have a paper copy of a negative PCR test no older than three days in order to enter South Africa.

Other Countries:

You can also travel to Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, and Mauritius. You will need to have proof of immunization or a Covid test result that is negative and no more than three days old in order to enter these countries.

Kenya: (do not travel)

To enter Kenya from the UK, you have to present a Covid test with negative results that are no more than four days old. It is also required that you submit your daily health data for 14 days to the Jitenge Platform/App.