Alanda Hotel Marbella – First Spanish Halal Restaurant

Alanda Hotel Marbella

The milestones achieved in the hospitality industry by Alanda Hotel are a testimony to its excellence of services and exceptional amenities. Passionate as always, the hotel aspires to elevate the experience of the guests and maintain the reputation that it has earned over the years.With the boom of halal tourism, Alanda hotel never lagged behind and won an honor of being Spain’s first halal-friendly hotel, certified to meet all the standards and rules of Islamic tourism.

Hotel Alanda has been drawing attention of the Muslim tourists by blending into the flavour of Islam and following the parameters postulated by the Glorious Quran. The recent amenities offered by the hotel are designed to be in harmony with the likings of Muslims. Convenient access to halal products and to find recreational places to enjoy with the family is particularly the main hassle faced by the Muslim travellers. Luckily.Luckily the demand and success rate of halal holiday packages has lead all the leading hospitality industries to accommodate to this trend.

Earlier in September, “International Halal Tourism” conference was held in Granada that focused on the profitable business of halal tourism. “Halal certified” status of Hotel Alanda motivated and steered many hoteliers to furnish to this trend. Holding firmly to its stature in the map of tourism, Hotel Alanda is sited right at the core of Golden Mile and is just at a distance of 60 meters from King Fahd Mosque, making it a prime focus for Islamic tourism in Spain. Even though there’s a higher influx of Spanish and British clients but pork and alcohol is no longer being served in any of the hotel’s restaurants.

The hotel would continue to flourish as a lucrative standard on Costa del Sol with Islamic tourism infusing a projected total of about€300 million into Andalusia annually.