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  • Our Rating: 5 stars
  • Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Board Basis: Self-catering with fully equipped kitchen
  • Accommodation: 3 bedrooms for up to 6 people
  • Car Hire: Necessary for staying in this villa
  • Nearest International Airport:
    Dubrovnik Airport (DBV), 30 minute drive

Villa Features

Villa Agave is situated in Adriatic, a cultural gem and historic town, Dubrovnik. Created on a rock, only steps away from the sea and about half a kilometer from the city center, this Villa is a treasurable holiday home.

Other than the outstanding location, Villa Agave is a true historic and traditional monument. As per the curators, the central part of the Villa is an old chapel of St. Lazarus that was built in 13th century, whereas the remaining portions of the villa are connected to the 17th and 18th century.

A well-known British archaeologist, Sir Arthur Evans used to own this villa. Although the World War 2 completely crushed the property and it stayed abandoned till the late 1970s when a famous Croatian painter Milovan Stanic took steps to rediscover Agave’s lost charisma. In present you can discover some of the reflection of his creative work on the walls of its lounge.

Today, this gorgeous villa serves as a promising destination of celebrities, such as Kevin Spacey- who was one of the first guests of the Villa after its renovation.

Villa Agave, featuring 3 commodious bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, can accommodate 6 people comfortably. It has two floors, covering the area of 270 square-meters.

On the ground floor you will find a living area with a fireplace to add on to its charm and a dining space. Two bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom are also on this floor. Just a few stairs down is the most fascinating feature of the ground level – a secluded spot of the meditation room.

A wooden staircase would lead you to the first floor where the master bedroom with two bathrooms is located. This floor also features an office space that opens to a terrace. One of the 5 terraces of the villa has a swimming pool, a spacious area for sitting and a kitchen. Enjoy spectacular panorama of the Dubrovnik old town and have a laidback evening with your family and guests.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Alfresco Dining
  • Dining Area
  • DVD Player
  • Fireplace
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Office
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Private Beach
  • Satellite TV
  • Sea View
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace with Lounge Area
  • Wi-Fi

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It doesn’t matter if you are coming to Dubrovnik for the first time or the thousandth, the feeling of amazement not ever seizes to spring when you fix eyes on the gorgeousness of the ancient town. Undeniably it’s tough to envision anyone getting bored or jaded by the city’s marble streets, baroque buildings and therefore the endless shimmer of the sea, or failing to be galvanized by a walk on the traditional town walls that have protected a civilized, refined republic for hundreds of years.

Sports & Adventure

Sports & Adventure

People would surely envy you if you plan to holiday in Dubrovnik for over a week. You’re in to let go of the taxing day-to-day life. Discover, layback, bathe, read, meditate, walk or just stay idle, the city is pleasant enough to revitalize you from your routine.

Heighten your holiday experience with an excursion of the city and its surroundings, savoring exquisite culinary specialties or joining sports events to stimulate both your body and soul. The pleasant climate luckily facilitates sailing throughout the year, so we suggest the Elafite Islands Cruise where you can discover woody untouched oasis, and this is where the nature admirers can appreciate scenic villages on the island of Koločep, Šipan and Lopud.

Hiking the Hills of Konavale serves as a perfect sport if you love hiking. At the Konavoski Dvori Restaurant on the River Ljuta, you may also taste freshwater fish.

A Jeep Safari and Horseback Riding are few of the many tourist activities offered in Konvale. If you love eating, watching birds and archaeology, the valley of the River Neretva is the place for you to visit.

Things to do

Things to do

Mount Srd
Perhaps the top way to grasp the city’s vast stretch of historic architecture is from the heights of Mount Srd that stands at a height of 413 meters and features a dazzling panorama of Dubrovnik and its surrounds. The recently restored cable car will make let you climb in as speedy as three. You may walk down to explore in depth.

Banje Beach
Catch the sunset, dip in glistening waters, or recline in the rays of the sun at Dubrovnik’s leading beach. Banje is situated next to the Old Town and has its own restaurant and café bar. Adjoining is the chic Banje Beach Club, where you can bask on chic white daybeds.

Luza Square
A pivotal point for tourists to the city, it is the home of the historic Sponza Palace, city Bell Tower and St Blaise Church. The square also functions as the setting for processions and events all year long.

Dubrovnik’s Stradun, previously a swamp and nowadays the vivacious center of the city, has its many shops, cafés and restaurants. Lined by white limestone that dates back to 1468, this pedestrian street expands 300 meters and is enclosed by the ancient city walls.

Gunduliceva Poljana
An amazing way to initiate your day in Dubrovnik is at Gundulic Square’s lively morning market. Vegetables, fruits, crafts and flowers are sold here in the conventional and welcoming setting. The statue of the square’s namesake, Ivan Gundulić, the much-admired 17th century poet, is also worth the visit here.

When you done with the expeditions to the city’s surroundings, the exquisite beaches of Dubrovnik and deep clear sea are anticipating your visit. Topmost hotels, excellent wellness centers and thousands of different events around the year are fashioned for you to make your stay memorable.

Culture and History

Culture and History

Resting on the south coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik might be immersed in history, but it is a city with an extremely modern verge, too. Inside its solid walls, medieval houses, antique palaces and ancient churches buff shoulders with elegant boutiques, trendy bars, modern hotels and lively eateries. Also you would come across the islands and beaches of Dubrovnik’s Adriatic Riviera right next to your doorway.

A lot of its Renaissance architecture got erased in the 1667 earthquake, however there are still few parts that remain, like St Saviour Church, amongst the latest Baroque style. Franciscan Monastery is also appealing to see and it houses one of the eldest pharmacies in Europe, and the striking Rector’s Palace.

Every nook of the city mirrors the history of Dubrovnik that is older than a thousand years. The city of museums is a perfect blend of the present with the past. The city is embraced by medieval 1,940 meters long walls, which have been conserved in their genuine shape and opened for visitors as the dominant fascination.

Dubrovnik is predominantly a cultural destination, proposing ancient monuments and a great number of traditional festivals and events. This captivating city that will let you fall in love with it and makes you return to it time and again in quest of exclusive experiences.

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