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    Room facilities:Air Conditioning, Balcony, Bath Tub, Bathroom, Hair Dryer, LCD TV, Mini Bar, Prayer Rug, Qibla direction, Quran, Shower, Telephone, Wi-Fi

    Room size:26 m² / 280 sq ft

  • Max:

    Room facilities:Air Conditioning, Balcony, Bathroom, Half Board, Mini club, Telephone, Wi-Fi

    Room with double bed, single bed and sofa bed for two people and Jacuzzi.

    Room size:45 m² / 484 sq ft


  • Our Rating: 4 Stars
  • Board Basis: Breakfast included
  • Location: Sengigi, Lombok, Indonesia
  • Nearest International Airports:
    Lombok International Airport (LOP), 51km (1 h, 15 min)


An Outline

Svarga Resort Lombok Hotel is a supreme selection to embrace your Islamic vacation needs. This 4 star resort located on a hilly contour, offers swaying coconut leaves, white sandy beaches and the richness of local cultures combined with natural offbeat ambience. This contemporary posh resort is just 4 kilometers away from Pura Batu Bolong, a Hindu Temple, and 2.7 kilometers away from the Senggigi Beach.

In line with the “Muslim Holiday” conception, Svarga Resort Lombok Hotel in Svarga is a very affable destination to let you admire and appreciate an astounding vacation.

Full Board

Prices including breakfast. Lunch and dinner served at additional charges.


White sandy beaches.

Swimming Pools

Kamana infinity pool.

Sports & Leisure Activities

Hagia Spa including body massages, body treatments, hair treatment, hands and feet and facials (separate private rooms).


Conference & meeting facilities, Vilasa meeting room, wedding hall, parking facilities, open air lounge, alcohol free restaurant.


Centrally located close to one of Lombok’s main tourism area – “Senggigi” and 30 minutes only to Gili Islands.

Transfers & Distances

1 hour 15 minutes transfer from Lombok International Airport.


In the hotel…

Salza Resto Restaurant

The hotel features a Salza Resto Restaurant., Salza Resto is known for its unique and most complete served non alcoholic beverages, fine choices of teas/coffees and other healthy cuisines and beverages, with a prestigious healthy and fresh resto concept inside. Freshly squeezed in season fruits will be served for juices. It serves a la carte menu offering a wide selection of the delightful flavors of local and international cuisines.

NOTE: All food within hotel premises is halal. No alcohol served or allowed on hotel’s premises.

In the room…

  • Comforts: Floor-to-ceiling windows | Living rooms | Table and chairs | Tea/Coffee maker | Pools
  • Food & Drink: Kitchenette | Dining room | Mini bar
  • Connect: Complimentary Wi-Fi connection
  • Get fresh and relax: Open sky shower bathroom | Standing shower
  • Entertain yourself: Flat screen TV
  • Extra Care: Room service | In-room safety box

Check-in time

1400 Hours

Check-out time

1200 Hours


  • Coffee maker
  • LCD TV
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe Box
  • Shower
  • Wi-Fi

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Lombok lusters like a mother of pearl shell, only 35 km away from the famous Island of Bali. The local Sasak population is predominantly Muslim and therefore you see Lombok’s tree line dotted with domes and minarets. The Rinjani volcano is active but harmless and provides the island with its dark soils and fertile land. In Lombok, everything grows. From coffee, cocoa, to rice and coconuts, Lombok grows fresh and eats fresh. The warm sandy beaches tassel the tropical vegetation around the entire Island. Lombok is at the cusp of two ecological zones, being right at the edge of the Wallace Line. In other words, Lombok has the flora and fauna of both Asian Tropical and Australasian ecologies. Birds of all kinds flutter between diverse varieties of palm trees.
With a rejuvenated ambition to attract tourism to Lombok, the local population and government of Indonesia have opened the Jewel of the Tropics to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. The people are joyous, cordial and welcoming. If you ever feel like breathing free and fresh with your toes in warm sands and a view of the ocean that breathes a new life into your soul, Lombok is the place for you. Lombok’s natural beauty especially on its highlands, untouched by the reckless chaos of man’s contortion of nature, makes you appreciate all the colors that hasten to invade you.

Things to do

Lombok Bike Tour/ Mountain Biking Whiz though the tropical greenery and paddle over rustic wooden bridges of calm flowing rivers. Take an initial half day bike tour of the Island of Lombok. This is a great opportunity to look into the lives of the local people and admire their diverse lifestyles. But if you are interested in a little more excitement, have a mountain bike ride with your friends and family and admire the numerous waterfalls that splash with in the area. Waterfall Tours Lombok glimmers with a dozen waterfalls like Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls. Each has a character of its own. These waterfalls are so wondrous and the ambiance they create so timeless that visiting them alone is a transformative experience. The tropical foliage clings to every rock around those waterfalls, eager to sponge even the mist that scatters as the water crashes on the rocks. Mt Rinjani Volcano Trekking If you feel like sensing the heart of Lombok, which like a phoenix, burns and rebirths the land from its ashes, try having a three day trekking and camping tour of Mount Rinjani. The volcano is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. On top of the summit, the vegetation clings to the slopes of the mountain, enshrouding it in green. On cloudy days, a white blanket cradles the mouth of the volcano crater and visitors can peer into see a small lake bubbling at its center. Snorkeling If you ever can’t find rainbows over Lombok, head to snorkeling centers of the island to see rainbows with in its waters. The sea is an integral part of Lombok’s culture and natural heritage. The marine life there blossoms and each and every color accentuates in the full lit tropical sunlight scintillating rhythmically on to the sea floor. Nature and Wildlife areas With the rise of global warming and climate change, the ecologies of places like Lombok are threatened. Conservation steps are being taken by the local authorities to mitigate the effects on threatened turtle populations. Have a lesson and become a part of preserving Lombok, by volunteering to free baby turtles into the sea or feeding turtles too weak to live outside captivity. The Gili Meno turtle sanctuary is one such sanctuary that tries to encourage responsible human behavior towards nature. 

Culture and History

Lombok has a rich, vibrant and independent history. The local Sasak people have inhabited the island since the first millennium BC. Feuding clans competed for power and land with the clans from Bali for much of it early history. Over the years, the eruptions from mount Rinjani laid mineral rich volcanic ash on top of the soils and wedged diamonds between the seams of its rocks. Lombok was valued for its natural treasures, and so the Dutch East India Company first made a treaty with the Prince of Lombok in 1674. Later, the unrest and weakened stances of both the Balinese and Lombokian warring clans gave an opportunity to the Dutch to annex the entire island into the Netherlands East Indies in 1895. The Japanese invasion of Indonesia in World War II defeated the Dutch, but soon the Dutch regained the control of Lombok when the Japanese began to withdraw in 1942. In 1945, Indonesia declared Independence from Dutch rule. One of the most important Indonesian leaders was President Suharto, who assumed office for 30 years and oversaw the great economic growth of the country and of Lombok. The Asian Economic Crisis in 1997 hit Indonesia the hardest and ousted the president. Now with a democratically elected government, Indonesia continues to gallop into the future with renewed spirits and growth prospects, having particular interests in developing its tourism.Lombok is inhabited by about 3 million people, with its largest city of Mataram hosting 0.5 million. 85% of its population is Muslim and the rest are Hindus, Christians and Buddhists. Before the advent of Islam in the region, most inhabitants were a Buddhists or Hindus. Islam was brought by Yemenite traders from the Middle-East and even now Lombok hosts a small but thriving Arab-Indonesian population with its roots far away in the Middle-East. The Indonesian government is pitching Bali and Lombok to be the top tourist destinations for Pacific Asia. Local ferries usually take passengers to and from Lombok and Bali.

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