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  • Economy Room

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    One bedroom with a balcony: a double or twin beds with no view.

    Room size:21 m² / 226 sq ft

  • Family Room (1+1)

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    One bedroom and one living room with a balcony: 1 double bed, 1 single bed and 2 sofa beds. These rooms are located on the upper floors with sea or landscape view. Sea view room should be requested in advance and subject to availability.

    Room size:38 m² / 409 sq ft

  • Family Room (2+1)

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    Two bedrooms and one living room with a terrace area: 1 double bed, 3 single beds and 2 sofa beds. 2 folding beds can be added. These rooms are located on the lower floors with landscape view.

    Room size:45 m² / 484 sq ft

  • Standard Room

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    Room facilities:Air Conditioning, Balcony, Bath Tub, Bathroom, Hair Dryer, LCD TV, Mini Bar, Prayer Rug, Qibla direction, Quran, Shower, Telephone, Wi-Fi

    Room size:26 m² / 280 sq ft


  • Our Rating: Beach Hotel
  • Board Basis: All Inclusive
  • Open: May 15 – October 15
  • Location: Gumusluk, Bodrum, Turkey
  • Nearest City: Bodrum (45 minute drive)
  • Nearest International Airports:
    Bodrum (BJV) Airport, 60 km (1 hour 10 min)

An Outline

Bodrum Bal Beach Hotel is one of the finest selections to fulfill and embrace your Islamic vacation needs and desires.

Bal Beach Hotel is located right next to the Aegean Sea. It is perfect for those who deem a quiet & relaxing break from the daily routine activities, provided with beautiful countryside and sea view.

In line with a “Muslim Holiday” notion, Bodrum Bal Beach Hotel in Gumusluk, Bodrum is a very affectionate destination to let you experience and appreciate an extraordinary vacation.

All Inclusive Food & Drinks

Prices based on All-inclusive. Buffet style breakfast, lunch, dinner served with snacks between meals. Unlimited hot and soft drinks served.


Private mixed beach area for families (dress code imposed, women are allowed with Islamic/modest dresses only).

Swimming Pools

1 women only outdoor pool with kids’ pool and water slide, 1 men only outdoor pool with kids’ pool.


Summer season daytime activities and evening entertainment usually includes games, fishing and darts. These activities are subject to the hotel’s guest occupancy.

For Children

Mini club, kids’ park, table games.

Extra Facilities

Sun terrace (with free sun loungers), parasols and towels, masjid (mosque), open car parking.


Located near Gumusluk, Bodrum, Turkey.

Transfers and Distances

1 hour 10 minutes transfer from the Bodrum (BJV) Airport.


In the hotel…

Restaurants and Cafes

All the food served within the hotel’s premises is completely halal. Halal food is served in the restaurants and cafes within 500 meters of the property. Alcohol is not served or allowed anywhere on hotel’s premises in any circumstances.

In the room…

  • Comforts: Climate control
  • Food & Drink: Mini bar (free drinks)
  • Connect: Telephone
  • Get fresh and relax: Private bathroom | Hair dryer
  • Entertain yourself: TV
  • Extra Care: Praying rug and Qibla direction on the ceiling of each room | In-room safe box

Check-in time

1500 Hours

Check-out time

1100 Hours


  • Hair Dryer
  • Kids' Pool
  • LCD TV
  • Mini Bar
  • Mini club
  • Mosque
  • Outdoor Swimming pool
  • Parking
  • Prayer Rug
  • Qibla direction
  • Safe Box
  • Telephone

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Gumusluk, Bodrum

Gumusluk, Bodrum


At the extreme western edge of the Bodrum Peninsula, 37 kilometers from the central Bodrum, you can locate the appealing fisherman’s inlet and coastal village of Gumusluk. Antiquity, fish, natural beauty and sunset best describe this place.

This conventional fishing village proposes to its tourists a relaxing opportunity to holiday in serene surroundings. With its rare vegetation, the alluring panorama with various chances for walking, trying out fish diners alongside the shore and sandy beaches, Gumusluk is an unforgettable spot for the vacationers.

Sports & Adventure

Sports & AdventureSwim and Snorkel at Gumusluk Beach:

Gumusluk is distinguished for its medley of fresh fish eateries. A lot of these restaurants are huddled nearby the harbor area. But endeavor further to discover what more Gumusluk has to offer.

Just tread past the smidgens of pensions and beachfront restaurants to the other end of the beach, and you’ll find people involved in enthralling water sports. Underwater netting barriers the beach to form a secure sanctuary for snorkelers and swimmers, and guards you from any boats that arrive the bay. It’s exciting and relaxed to whirl out to the net where the water is deep enough that the bottom is not visible. Chill out here for a timeout, and observe the boats cruising indolently through the Aegean.

Ramble to the extreme end of the beach, and you’ll find a place where you can rent out gear for windsurfing. Choose the morning time for this sport if you are a beginner because the wind blows up speedier as the day goes on.

After spending a day indulged in adventurous sports, retreat opposite to any of your favorite restaurants that dot the beach and you’ll be served with refreshing beverages and food while your loafing hours.

Do not be hasty to leave as the sun begins to slide down the horizon – the sunset view from Gumusluk is gorgeous.

Things to do

Things to do

A brunch in the Byzantine Monastery:
Every Sunday, a brunch is arranged in the ancient Byzantine Monastery in Gumusluk. It’s a private property and the tenants who live there run this attractive little place as a café and exhibition hall.

Monastery is located somewhat in the hill, nearly 200 meters from the gravel beach. Both foreign and Turkish travelers love to stopover at this small village at the crown of the Bodrum peninsula for lunch or to dine in while watching the mesmerizing sunset.

At times, Turkish music artists come and play their much-admired tunes. The bright blue tone of the sky and sea fusions with jazz tunes and mixes with the delectable meals to create an absorbing ambiance.

Famous Turkish personalities like movie directors and business executives also drop by to appreciate this lovely rapture. Paintings by the prominent Turkish painters adorn the inner walls of the monastery.

You would be absolutely delighted to spend a few hours of your time in this elite Turkish atmosphere.

Explore the Rabbit Island:
If you wish to touch history under your feet then you must visit the Rabbit Island – reachable by a partly historic dipped walkway, which was constructed during the Hellenistic period.

Once, King of Halicarnassus Mousolos and his beloved Artemisia used to visit the Rabbit Island. The causeway was created to easily reach the Rabbit Island and feed the rabbits living there. It was a pleasure for the King to view the exceptional sunset with his adored Lady.

It is feasible to wade to the island since the water it is just knee-deep. You may hike up to the topmost of the island, capture images of the beautiful backdrops, bask or dive into the pure blue waters of Gumusluk and swim over the wrecks close to the island.

A credit to its archaeological worth, Gumusluk is shielded against modern elaborations, and expectantly it would continue to be as far-off, picturesque and appealing in the future. It escalates in lure in the evening, when the locals pick their desired dining spot lining the sea front, presenting an extensive selection of locally caught seafood.

The westerly facet of Gumusluk offers some amazing sunsets; hors d'oeuvre in hand heeding to the reminiscent sound fishing boats chugging their way into the marina is an indulgence never to be missed.

Culture and History

Culture and History

The history of Gumusluk dates back to the 2nd century BC with its independence noted in the year 196 BC.

The city underwent a massive earthquake and major excavation work was done in 2006. The smidgens of the earthquake can be perceived both on the East harbor, whose architectural fragments drowned in the water, and on the city walls, which are conserved in present.

The word Gümüs means “Silver” in Turkish. It’s not known why Gümüslük is named so but some locals say that it is because of the history of Mydus when the city used to be really prevailing and started to mine and mint its own silver coins. It’s also believed that it is due to the scene of ‘yakamoz’ (reflection of the moon on the water) turning the water in the bay stunning silver.

The earthquake has left much of the relics meters underneath the ground but strolling these sites makes quite an amusing thing to do for the region’s beauty and history.

Ancient Myndos – Village of Gumusluk:
The Bodrum peninsula is gorgeous and bursting with unanticipated novelties. Dedicate a day to trip across the peninsula and halfway there you would discover the Village of Gumusluk.

It is an admirable point – a peculiar village with great seafood restaurants besides the waterfront and beautiful views as an incentive for trekking a nearby hill overseeing some of the remains of olden Myndos.

Ephesus – Day Trip from Gumusluk:
This is a must-do during a holiday in Turkey and because of heat visit during the months other than July and August.

Ephesus is a well-conserved old city on the Mediterranean; you will feel vibes of what life was like during Roman era. Prior to the silting up of the port it served as a planned coastal doorway to the Eastern World, which later expanded to be the second largest city in the Roman Empire, the location of a Christian monument, and one of the seven wonders of the antique world. More spectacles include 25000-seated arena, the marble-paved Arcadian Way, Library of Celsius, the Agora, various temples, water fountains and houses.

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