An insight into Halal Tourism Market

Halal market

On the 22nd and 23rd September, world’s first ever conference on Halal Tourism took place in Spain that welcomed 300 delegates from all over the world. The market experts, hoteliers and tour operators gathered to get an insight into halal tourism and its potential in travel business. For those who are still unfamiliar with the […]


Halal Tourism on the rise in Abu Dhabi

UAE Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism is a new extension to the tourism industry where the Muslim as well as non-Muslim countries have been inclining towards hospitality to specifically cater to the Muslim population of the world. Abu Dhabi, being the leading destination for tourists is drawing up to be the most desired city for halal tourism. This cosmopolitan […]


Is it safe to holiday in Turkey?

safe holidays in Turkey

The social media and the travel forums have been flooded with questions form the travellers asking “Is it safe to travel to Turkey or should I cancel my holiday?” It is really important to have a thorough insight of what’s going on in Turkey and where exactly it’s unsafe to go. People follow the news […]


Muslim Holiday Destinations


For the past few years, the notion of Halal Tourism is on the rise with many companies providing dedicated packages for Muslim families as well as solo explorers. It involves the Muslim-friendly bundles of halal food, segregated pools, non-alcoholic drinks, prayer facilities and private beaches exclusively for Muslim families and women. We have spotted some […]


Where to go on a Holiday in Turkey?

Turkey Halal Holidays

An amazing fusion of art and culture welcomes the adventure lovers and the history geeks to have a perfect holiday in Turkey. Since the beginning of the time, various civilizations have been influencing the Turkish civilization, forming a fascinating blend of East and West. For the Craving for Art, Culture and Tradition: Turkish people still […]


What is Halal tourism

Mosque with moon

Halal Tourism is being facilitated to Muslim families to make a trip following the Islamic Sharia laws. The theme is to provide you with halal travel. Hotels and resorts in such trip do not serve pork, alcohol and have separate spa facilities and swimming pools for men and women. In a lot of Islamic countries, […]